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The City of Allen Jail holds prisoners with Class C misdemeanors. It is located at Allen Police Headquarters.

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Get out of Hunt County Detention Center

In Hunt County, once an individual has been arrested for a criminal offense (felony or misdemeanor), they will be held in Hunt County Detention Center until it is their time to appear before a judge in their area. During this time, the alleged offender will be taken to a booking station where their photographs (mugshots) and fingerprints will be recorded and saved.

While the alleged offender is being held in Hunt County Detention Center, the judge will decide between setting bail for the defendant, holding the defendant without bail, or releasing the alleged offender from jail without bail (personal recognizance). If the judge chooses to grant bail, it can be paid at any point while the defendant is in jail. Not Guilty Bail Bonds can pay bail to help you get out of Hunt County Detention Center.

Time is critical. Many issues come from being held in police custody, including a deterioration of relationships between parents, children, or other family members, loss of child custody, loss of income and even the loss a job.

Getting out of jail quickly is important. Not Guilty Bail Bonds will help you post bail and get released fast. We offer fast, friendly and affordable bail bond services.

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How do I get someone out of jail in Hunt County?

Once a bail amount has been set by the court, follow the process below to get out of Hunt County Detention Center in Hunt County, Texas. Not Guilty Bail Bonds will help you through this stressful process. It all starts with a call.


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We will get you started first by checking the inmate’s status and charges.  Then we will begin the pre-qualification for posting bond.

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This will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to get the inmate out of jail on bond.

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Soon after we’ve agreed on terms we require forms to be filled out.  We also offer financing to assure affordability.

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