Richardson City Jail

Richardson City Jail


140 N Greenville Ave
Richardson, TX 75081

The Richardson jail houses arrested persons pending their release on bond, transfer to other facilities such as county jails or appearance in court.

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Get out of Richardson City Jail

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal offense in Richardson, you will likely be detained in the Richardson City Jail. You could be here until the time that you get to appear in front of a judge. During this time, you will be booked, photographed and fingerprinted.

The judge will decide between setting bail, holding without bail, or releasing you from jail without all together.  If the judge chooses to grant bail while you’re being held in the Richardson City Jail, it can be paid at any time. Not Guilty Bail Bonds in McKinney, TX can help pay bail so you can get out of Richardson City Jail.

Time is critical. Avoid issues that come from being held for a long period of time in police custody.  Stress and strain on relationships between parents, children, or other family members could cause you to lose child custody, income or even a job.

Get out of jail quickly by calling Not Guilty Bail Bonds in McKinney. We help you post bail and get released from jail fast. We are known to be the fast, friendly and affordable bail bond services in North Central Texas.  Bail Bonds in Richardson, Texas

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What is the process to get someone out of the jail in Richardson?

Once a bail has been set, follow the process below to get out of Richardson City Jail in Collin County, Texas. Not Guilty Bail Bonds’s McKinney location can help you through this stressful process. It all starts with a call.


Call our McKinney Office at:

(469) 714-0404.  We get you started by checking inmate’s status and evaluating the charges.  This starts the pre-qualification process for posting bond.

Fair and reasonable quote

This will give you a good idea of how much it will cost you to get someone out of jail on bail.

Post bond

We will post bond after we’ve agreed on terms and have received the required completed forms.  Not Guilty Bail Bonds offers financing to assure affordability.

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