6 Strangest Ways to Get Arrested in Texas

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Texas, known for its vast landscapes and cowboy culture, is also home to some bizarre laws and incidents that have led to unexpected arrests. From peculiar regulations to downright unusual circumstances, here are six of the oddest ways individuals have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in the Lone Star State.

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Riding a Horse Under the Influence:

In Texas, it’s not just drunk driving that can land you in trouble; it’s drunk horseback riding too. While riding a horse might seem like a quaint and innocent mode of transportation, doing so under the influence can lead to a DUI charge. One Texan found this out the hard way when they were arrested for riding their horse while intoxicated. It’s a reminder that in Texas, even traditional modes of travel aren’t exempt from the law.

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Selling Your Own Eye:

Believe it or not, it’s illegal to sell your own eye in Texas. This strange law dates back to the 19th century and was likely intended to prevent fraudulent medical practices. However, it’s unlikely that anyone in modern-day Texas would attempt such a bizarre transaction. Nonetheless, the law remains on the books, serving as a reminder of the state’s colorful legal history.

Using Someone Else’s Cow:

In Texas, cattle theft is a serious crime, but what about borrowing someone else’s cow without permission? Surprisingly, even this seemingly harmless act can result in legal trouble. One Texan found themselves facing charges for “unlawfully appropriating” a cow that didn’t belong to them. While the circumstances of the case may have been unusual, it underscores the importance of respecting property rights, even when it comes to livestock.

Keeping a Donkey in a Bathtub:

While it may sound like the setup to a joke, keeping a donkey in a bathtub is actually prohibited by law in Texas. This peculiar statute originated in the town of Kingstown in the early 20th century and was likely intended to address sanitation concerns. While the law may seem outdated and irrelevant today, it technically remains in effect, although it’s unlikely that anyone has been arrested for violating it in recent memory.

Possessing Too Many Dildos:

In Texas, possessing more than six dildos is considered a crime. This unusual law, which was enacted in 1973, prohibits the sale, advertisement, or possession of more than six “obscene devices” with the intent to stimulate human genitalia. While the law has faced legal challenges and is rarely enforced, it remains on the books, much to the amusement of legal scholars and the bewilderment of residents.

Singing the National Anthem Off-Key:

While patriotism is encouraged in Texas, singing the national anthem off-key can technically land you in hot water. In 1941, the Texas legislature passed a law making it a misdemeanor to “sing the national anthem or ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ in any public place or public gathering” unless it is performed “as an entire song.” While the law is rarely enforced today, it serves as a reminder of the state’s reverence for national symbols.


    While Texas is known for its independent spirit and larger-than-life personality, it’s also home to some of the strangest laws and arrests in the country. From riding a horse under the influence to possessing too many dildos, these examples highlight the quirky side of Texas law enforcement. While many of these laws may seem outdated or absurd, they serve as reminders of the state’s rich legal history and unique cultural heritage.

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