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Generally speaking, it will cost 10% of the bail amount set by the court plus a $15 jail fee.

The easiest way to pay bail bond fees is to make a one-time payment.  Cash, credit card, Cash App, and Zelle are acceptable payment processes.  We do offer payment plans for our customers on an as-needed basis.  Call (469) 714-0404 for details.

It’s now easier than ever to make an online payment.  We have partnered with Bailbooks’ BailbondPay to make it simple to pay directly from your cell phone using your credit card.

If you pay cash bail and you have complied with all of your court’s conditions, typically you will get your money back after the completion of your criminal case. If you posted a bond through a bail bondsman, they will usually keep the 10 percent or other bond premium you paid them, as that is nonrefundable.

This plan includes and Requires:

    • weekly, bi-weekly and every four weeks payment options
    • 13 week total length payment plan
    • Requires a minimum of 50% of the original bond(s) plus fees down
    • Requires proof of employment and prior satisfactory payment history

Typically, a Class B DWI first charge is about $2,000 bond. This means that $2,000 will be needed to bond out of jail. The bondsman fee is typically 10% of the bond amount to sign on as the surety for the bond.

    • Class B misdemeanor DWI first charge is about $2,000
    • Class A misdemeanor DWI charge is about $4,000
    • A State felony is around $6,000-$8,000

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Need to know

The following information is needed to bail someone out of jail:

    • Full name of the person arrested
    • Jail or detention center that inmate is located
    • Initial charges levied against the person
    • The amount of bail set by the court (if known)
    • Your relationship to inmate

Depending on the size of the facility that they are incarcerated in, it could take anywhere from 15 minute to 12 hours, once the bail bonds has been accepted by the facility.

The law presumes most defendants are entitled to bail… there are exceptions. A court can and may deny bail outright.  This forces a defendant to remain in jail pending trial. These exception may include cases where the defendant is charged with capital murder or are charged with a felony and have a prior felony record.

Penalties and Charges

No.  The Penalty can be rather high.

Possession of marijuana in Texas can be rather severe:

    • Possession of 2 ounces or less:  Class B misdemeanors
    • Possession of 2 to 4 ounces:  Class A misdemeanors
    • Possession between 4 ounces to 5 lbs:  State jail felony
    • Possession between 5 and 50 lbs:  Third-degree felony
    • Possession between 50 and 2,000 lbs:  Second-degree felony
    • Possession of more than 2,000 lbs:  Felony


An “Indemnitor” is a “co-signer” and is responsible for signing a bail agreement/contract.

An Indemnitor qualifies for the bond on behalf of the “defendant”.

Yes.  Indemnitors automatically become legally and financially responsible for making sure that the defendant shows up to all of their court appearances and fulfills all of their court mandated obligations.

No.  Indemnitors cannot be removed and become legally obligated to pay the bond in full if the defendant does not appear in court.

Jails we serve in Northeast Texas

Not Guilty Bail Bonds Serves these jails in Collin County:

    • Allen Jail
    • Frisco City Jail
    • Collin County Detention Facility
    • Plano City Jail
    • Richardson City Jail
    • Wylie City Jail

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Not Guilty Bail Bonds Serves these jails in Hopkins County:

    • Hopkins County Jail

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Not Guilty Bail Bonds Serves these jails in Hunt County:

    • Hunt County Detention Center

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Not Guilty Bail Bonds Serves these jails in Rains County:

    • Rains County Jail

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Not Guilty Bail Bonds Serves these jails in Wood County:

    • Wood County Jail

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Helpful Definitions

This is a term used by a court to describe a person or defendant who is likely to flee the area (including state or country) to avoid criminal prosecution. When a defendant is first arrested and charged with a crime he is put into custody.  Flight Risk

Bail is ordinarily set by a judge at a suspect’s first court appearance.  It is a conditional release of a defendant with the promise to appear in court.

Example:  The suspect is now out on bail.

Bond is a binding agreement usually in the form of money posted on another’s behalf to secure a suspect’s release.  Bond

Booking is a procedure at a jail or police station following an arrest in which information about the arrest (as the time, the name of the arrested person, and the crime for which the arrest was made) is entered in the police register.  Booking

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Arrested is captured or seized.  It is an act of taking or keeping in custody by authority of law.  Arrested