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Get out of Hunt County Detention Center in North Central Texas.

Someone you care about has been arrested in the Hunt County, Texas area.  It’s likely that they are being detained in the Hunt County Detention CenterNot Guilty Bail Bonds is a reputable bail bondsmen in Greenville, from our Caddo Mills location, that will help you get out of jail fast.

Located at 4132 Interstate 30 W – STE 4 in Caddo Mills, we are the highest rated bail bonds agency in the surrounding North Central Texas area. We are open 24/7 to help you or someone you love get out of jail.  Contact our Caddo Mills bail bonds location just outside of Greenville, TX.  Ask for Bail Bonds Specialist Erin.

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Not Guilty Bail Bonds serves as a reputable bail bondsman in Hunt County, TX.  Our Caddo Mills location provides bail bonds in Greenville, TX and the surrounding North Central Texas area. We are open open 24/7.

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Detained in the Hunt County Detention CenterStep 1: Contact our Caddo Mills location serving bail bonds in Greenville, TX and Hunt County.  Simply click the button below and speak to a specialist.

Specialist: Erin

Inmate Search

Step 2: Not Guilty Bail Bonds checks and confirms inmate’s status.  We then evaluate charges and begin pre-qualification to post bond.  In some cases an inmate’s status can be searched using the link below.  Charges can range from DWI arrest, drug possession, marijuana, assault, fraud, theft and more.

In Hunt County

Step 3: We provide a fair and reasonable quote. Not Guilty Bail Bonds is up front and transparent as to how much it will cost to get someone out of jail.  We take pride in being fast, friendly and affordable.

Defendant and Co-Signer Forms

Step 4: We require certain forms to be completed. If you are the DEFENDANT, click the button associated with NEW CLIENT APPLICATION, complete the online form, and submit.  If you are the Co-Signer please click the button associated with CO-SIGNER APPLICATION, complete the online form, and submit.  These forms will need to be completed before we can post bond.





Hunt County Bail Bonds Location in Caddo Mills near Greenville, TX

How important is a bail bond services in Hunt County?

A reputable bail bond business is an essential aspect of the criminal justice system in Hunt County, Texas. Hunt County, like other counties, cities or towns, sometimes lean on the opportunity of bail bonds service when someone is arrested and detained. Ultimately, this may be the only chance that some are able to post bail and secure a release from jail. Not everyone in Hunt County has the financial means to pay the full amount of bail.

Bail Bond:  This a contract between the defendant, a bail bond agent, and the court. The bail bond agent will post the full amount of bail on behalf of the defendant, and the defendant will pay the bail bond agent a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the total bail amount. The bail bond agent is responsible for ensuring that the defendant appears in court on their scheduled court dates.

Bail bond agencies are not located in every city.  For instance, Not Guilty Bail Bonds has an agency office in Caddo Mills, just outside of Greenville, TX.  This bail bonds agency services Hunt County and each of their cities including Caddo Mills, Campbell, Celeste, Commerce, Greenville, Lone Oak, Merit, Quinlan and Wolfe City.

Bail bond services are regulated by the state of Texas, and all bail bond agents must be licensed and adhere to strict guidelines.

What makes bails bond services important?

One of the most important aspects of a bail bond services is the speed in which they can help secure a defendant’s release. Being in jail can be a traumatic.  Its also a very stressful experience and can be disruptive to a family’s lives. The ultimate goal is to get out of jail quickly so defendants can prepare a defense or just get back to their families, jobs, and lives.

Another important aspect of our bail bond service in Greenville is the level of customer service you receive. Dealing with an arrest and the criminal justice system can be overwhelming.  A good and reputable bail bond service will stand by you, give you support and guidance you throughout the entire process. This includes explaining how the the bail bond process works and being transparent as to how much it will cost.

There are certain challenges that bail bond services face

One of theses challenges of a bail bond services in Hunt County is diversity of the community. Hunt County is growing, with a population that is becoming increasingly diverse. Our Greenville bail bond location is located in Caddo Mills and is capable and able to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, including those who may not speak English. Cultural differences and culturally sensitive policies and procedure can be a challenge and we know it.

How efficient are bail bond?

Our Greenville bail bonds office has a high efficiency rate.  That is a crucial role in the criminal justice system. There is a high percentage of defendants appearing in court and fulfilling their court obligations. Essentially, almost all participants that are getting released on bail, are honoring their promise to appear in court on their scheduled court dates. Fail to do so, can lead to financial issues and jail time.

Obviously bail bond services have taken a variety of steps to ensure that defendants appears in court, include calling defendants to remind them and sometimes even providing transportation to and from court.  Our Greenville office works with law enforcement and bounty hunters to locate defendants who have failed their obligation.

In conclusion, our bail bond services are a critical part of the criminal justice system in Hunt County and are here to help. We provide an essential service to defendants who may not have the financial means to pay the full bail.  We help ensure that defendants fulfil their court obligations. We know, to be effective, that we must be able to work with a diverse community, provide excellent customer service, and take steps to ensure that defendants appear in court. At the end of the day… We help defendants get back to their lives while they await trial so justice can be served.