81 Arrested in Two-Day Crackdown in Dallas

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Dallas police arrested 81 people in a two-day crackdown in Dallas.  43 others we cited on a street takeover across the city.  The department’s Street Racing Task Force responded to 11 takeovers on Friday and Saturday.  Large groups had shown up and block intersections to allow vehicles to do street stunts.

In all, 81 people were arrested.  The ages of these people range from ranging from 17 to 43 years old.  16 additional spectators were cited, 27 other citations were handed out, seven guns were seized and 35 vehicles were towed.  Most of the arrests were on charges of spectating.

The Dallas Police Department is trying to crack down on street racing and street stunts. Officers issued 59 spectator citations in July and made 96 misdemeanor arrests related to racing and speeding activity.  This is according to the department’s crime statistics.

These events are called takeover events.  It is happening in neighborhoods across the city.  Police say spectators shoot paintballs and fireworks at officers that respond.

At another takeover in the 4200 block of Parry Avenue, officers arrested two people who fled from police.  They were seen firing assault rifles into the air.  Police confiscated the two assault rifles, which had an illegal lower receiver that converted them into a pistol.  They also collected a stolen gun donned by a spectator.

In a takeover in the 1600 block of Prudential Drive in Stemmons Corridor, officers heard gunfire.  They saw people hiding between vehicles armed with assault rifles and a handguns.

The Street Racing Task Force arrested one person four times in the last year.   Charges ranged of aggravated robbery, deadly conduct, spectating and evading arrest.

Other takeover locations included Interstate 30 and North Cockrell Hill Road in west Oak Cliff, Inwood Road and Walnut Hill Lane in northwest Dallas, U.S. Highway 75 and Meadow Road in northeast Dallas, Olive Street and Nowitzki Way in Oak Lawn, Forest Avenue and Botham Jean Boulevard in South Dallas, Interstate 35E near Dallas Market Hall, West Northwest Highway and Technology Boulevard East in northwest Dallas, and Royal Lane at Harry Hines Boulevard and Inwood Road in northwest Dallas.

Fort Worth is also cracking down on issue related to street stunts.  On August 6th, officers responded to a planned reckless driving exhibition. This event was hosted by a street racing group. 60 or more people were arrested and or cited on city ordinance violations.  29 vehicles were towed.

The Fort Worth City Council approved an ordinance in April that allows officers to cite bystanders at illegal street racing or stunt events.  The fine is $500 and they could be charged with a misdemeanor.

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