Bad Bail Reform is a Failed “Social Experiment”

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Houston reported a sharp spear in violent crime in year 2021, bearing a nearly 20% spear in murders as crime gush across the nation countries. 

Bad bail reform is a failed “Social Experiment” in Houston.  Rania Mankarious, the CEO of Crime Stopper of Houston, and Adrian Medina appeared on “Fox & Friend First” to discuss how the bail changes have affected the biggest cities of Texas.  Adrian Medina’s mother was killed by a repeat Criminal offended and was out on bond from last year.

“What we’re seeing is an assault against the community for the sake of a negligent social experiment,” Mankarious told Kevin Corke.

We have started working to bring the balance back, trying to bring back the assessment into the courtrooms; the judges should care about the safety of public and never should work on political ideology agenda.

Mankarious blasted local judges, that they have allowed the violent and repeat criminals back to streets with little or no bail utilizing Bail Bonds services.  Now, accused misdemeanor suspects are no longer required to pay heavy bail amounts.  It’s much easier to secure their release after the changes took effect. 

Despite the changes that used to mostly be applied to misdemeanor defendants, some judges have begun to utilize this policy for felony crimes.  These results are deadly. Bad bail reform is a failed “Social Experiment”.

“Today, we have over 150 innocent people that have been killed at the hands of over 140 defendants who have been released on these multiple felony bonds or PR bonds or in bond forfeiture,” she said.

“The current system which is… looks completely at the defendant and their past experience through the help of criminal justice system, ignoring the crime that have been occurred, the crime which is occurred, the criminal history, what is this mean for the victims, the full safety of the society or community,” continued by Mankarious.

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