How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Bail bonds company
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Let’s just say you’ve been arrested. You’ll be taken to a police station or county jail to be booked and scheduled to appear before a judge.  A judge will weigh the conditions of your release and he or she will determine bail based on the the severity of the charges.  Keep in mind, you are always under the principal that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


What is Bail?

Bail is a sum of money connected to your conditional release with the promise that you will appear in court when requested. The court holds this sum of money until the trial has been completed.

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Bail Bonds Company

What Does A Bail Bonds Agency Do?

Bail Bonds Agency can help you secure bail money.  Bail comes in the form of an agreement or a bond which gives basic insurance that you will fulfill your obligations to the court.

The cost of the bond is typically a percentage of the bail.  This amount may vary state to state but is typically 10 percent of the total bail.  On some occasions, bail bond agencies may require additional collateral to secure the bond.  Collateral can be in the form of house deed, a car, jewelry or other personal valuables.


Benefits of Not Guilty Bail Bonds

We are Fast.  Bail Bondsmen quickly provide bail options to help get you out of jail fast.  We realize that a prolonged stay in jail can cause additional problems that add up quickly.

We are friendly.  We stay with you every step of the way and treat you with respect.  We realize that asking relatives for help is embarrassing and an additional burden.

We are affordable. Our bondsmen have many years of experience and know how difficult this time can be.  We make it affordable so you can get out of jail.

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