Don’t Jump Bail

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Don’t run from your bondsman

You don’t want to run from your bondsman.  When you get help from a bondsman it’s is like a second chance.  They help you get out of jail when maybe you couldn’t afford it. Bail jumping can only go bad and becoming a target of a bounty hunter is not my idea of fun. There are legal ramifications to jumping bail including charges that carry a mandatory minimum sentence. If you do decide to run there will be a warrant issued for your immediate arrest.  Don’t think running to another state will help.   This will only increase the degree of the charges when you are finally captured.


Running from your bondsman could ultimately land you in back in jail

Skipping bail and you could be right back in jail. Bondsman usually contract bounty hunters that track you down and arrest you.  They are good at it too. On some occasions, your bondsman or bail enforcers can arrest you in another state.  They promptly bring you right back to jail. Civil lawsuit for breach of contract are surely coming and this could lead to nothing good including financial problems down the road.


Run from your bondsman also causes financial hardships

Most bonds that are signed through a bondsman includes a cosigner.  In that contract the cosigner has agreed to pay the bail amount to help get you out of jail before your court date. When you jump bail that the money is now gone. That could also result in the entire bond amount needing to be paid. Bail jumping could also mean the loss of property including your vehicle as collateral if it was used for the bond. A surety company will file a lawsuit to recover damages and you end up hurting your entire family.

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